30 day photo challenge day 6: WORK RELATED

0028My job is never done as a stay at home mom so this picture is very work related as you can see I am doing the dishes! I love the light from the window the sun sets right out side my kitchen window with miles of desert to look at its quite beautiful. Stay focused on the beautiful things the dishes may be dirty but the view is breath-taking! Another beautiful thing or idea rather is that one day my kids with be old enough to do the dishes hehe!

30 day photo challenge day 4: FILTHY

104 (2)So I’m just gonna be honest this is not the filthiness my sink has been. In fact I often let my sink fill up until it gets a weird smell haha! I read somewhere that creative people often have messy houses or work spaces sometimes I get so into a project that nothing else phases me except getting that project done to my liking. After all the dishes will be there later.

30 day photo challenge day 3 (orange)

046I live in good old Tucson AZ where it is very hard to grow flowers I water mine at least twice a day! I was very proud of how beautiful this one was flourishing. i used spot metering in this one I found it helped with me achieving sharpness of the flower. I still think it could be sharper I am still working on my steady hand. This flower was in the shade so my shutter speed is slower so that i can obtain as much light as possible.

Maternity shoot!

  008 f/3.2 1/4000 sec ISO 320 spot metering .

This photo being the end result. I had to bump up the exposure in photo shop to get this brightness on her skin and I added a filter on here to get the right warming light I wanted. I have never shot into the sun like this before. At one point I had to use manual focus. I had never used manual focus before.

The featured photo on this post was when I used the manual focus. I got so frustrated because before I realized I needed to switch to manual focus my camera just wasn’t taking the picture and it had never acted that way before so I had to think about what it was that wasn’t working, you all have heard the sound of the camera, the confirmation beep that says yes, your subject is in focus. Well during this time I wasn’t getting that confirmation beep. So it clicked I needed to manually focus! Manual focus is tricky if you have never used before I had a hard time seeing the crisp sharpness I get in auto focus, so I went with my best judgement.  I’m still not 100% satisfied with the shot my sister claims to be the best photo ever I however am my biggest critic and can always find ways to improve. I hate that the blue frame in the photo isn’t focused and I cannot really see the spots that are focused. An unfocused picture to me isn’t good. It’s all a learning process and practice makes progress! Practice, practice, practice!!!!

032f/ 2.2 1/1000 sec ISO 320 spot metering.

This shot frustrated me too because of all the shadows I love the angle though and sometimes I choose to capture the moment rather than the technical details.

051 f/4.5 1/320 sec ISO 320 spot metering.

I was going for a silhouette on this shot but loved the perfection of her tummy and the sun spot. Your probably thinking WHAT you like the sun spot and the answer is yes because once you learn all the “rules” you will find out what your personal preferences are and you will slowly break the rules. It’s always important to have a solid foundation with really everything in life especially your work, but this isn’t just work for me it’s art. Have fun with your talent!


So I had family in town on Sunday so I apologize for not posting doesn’t mean I wasn’t working though. Saturday I was working on maternity photos for my sister I was pretty excited because it was my first maternity shoot! Feel free to tell me what you think.